All Work, No Plagiarism

by Entropy

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Recorded between November 2013 and March 2014 at Nada Studios.


released August 8, 2014

Entropy is:
Patrick America- Lead Rhythm Guitar
Brian Labuda- Drums
Brian Lawrence- Vocals
Colin Jay -

Mixed and Mastered by John Nacliero
Engineered by John Nacliero and Tony Pitkin

Additional Instrumentation by Gabe Jasmin and Kieran Ashe


tags: punk New York


all rights reserved


Entropy New York

We like Osker a lot. Dogs are cool too.

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Track Name: My Common Sense is Tingling
Hide your disguise

Because there ain’t no way to defy their prying eyes

In the playground of life, a gallow is just a swing mixed with a slide

So, brace yourself
Track Name: "Pipe Down, I'm Trying to Watch These Broads Work Out."
The death of annuity, of squandered opportunity

The clusterfuck we knew it'd be

We embrace it's constancy

And constantly, flamboyantly

We await it's dormancy

There's no more time to wait and see

So we concede and wonder why we

Sleep so well still

When we've never even been awake

Content in our unrest

Every day uneasily the same

And so we bend,not under the strain

That it's always been the same

And now we underdo and overthink

So, sleep. count your sheep.

Or the pills you've come to need

Oh, the trappings of society
I still believe in the belief

That we can be all that we need
Track Name: Back Off Man, I'm a Scientist.
Pop like a whitehead

I’m not the sharpest tack in the shed

Always coming, never arriving

But I’m still climbing

There’s mold inside

A spill that never dried

Wrong way graded

I’m antiquated

Ripe for the grazing

Fresh ice for the fire blazing

There’s mold inside

A spill that never dried

There’s mold inside

But we never really tried
Track Name: Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K
Perplexed in ecstacy

Scrambled and plain to see

Cater to your fears

And live to die for so many more years

Exsanguinate. Send the blood from your head to your cold feet
Track Name: There's Always Money in the Banana Stand
Make the boot that's planted on your throat

Be the bootstrap you use to pull you up

Don't tie me down, just tide me for now

There's a place in this faith for those who will always doub


If there's grace to your aim

Blame will always be the same

Fame claims plain
The flame is why they came

We all soothe in our own ways, but at the end of the day

I put your fires out

And found I only liked you when you were burning

I only like you when you're burning

Track Name: Choppin' Broccoli
And when the shadows overtake the ground again

Will you hear the darkness

Or the way the sun speaks as it sets?

There will always be time to watch the sand slip through your hands

So for today, let's pretend that we demand the chance to begin again

So, call in the troops, or call it a truce

The sound of hands shaking will prove no use

So raze the buildings and plow the lands

Free the slaves and we'll begin again

Because there's nothing fucking left

It doesn't matter till it does

And then it's all bets are off

When all is said and done

You and me, we don't need a leader

Don't need to be lead to be true to ourselves

And there is nothing else 

And we need nothing outside of ourselves

Track Name: Dressed to Depress
Fuck your industry

Your money means nothing to me

Fuck your sense of pride

Withered and dead on the inside

Fuck your lies

Left in the cold or left for dead

We choose what's best in a sea uncommon

Fuck your sense of pride

You'll never take mine

Eat, work, and sleep

Wake up adrift and trapped in a sea uncommon

Leave ourselves nothing but time to react

Your industry is regressed, now success is excess

You gotta dial it back

Fuck your industry

Track Name: Pay Me
Animosity, lost pride, turned blind eye.
Drop your reason to advance.
Caught behind your excuse, afraid of something to lose?
Which hat do you wish to wear this time?

Barricaded by bureaucracy, but covered by your old form.
I'll tear this walls down, with my own hands,
So the light is all where you stand
Track Name: Lost Boys
I liken my faith to a broken hand

No way to point or ability to grab

I float through these days with my sad quixiotic dance

Where windmills breathe fire and I'm the engine that can't

Maybe there's no way back now

And I haven't lost my way yet

Undergrowth overdefined

And I'm not out of things to say yet
I'll take the muck over the swine
Track Name: Dead Things Mikey, Dead Things
How did it turn against us?

Bit by the hand that bleeds for us

And there's no hope, just disgust

I will find all I need in that

And time's wasting

You're getting wasted with it

All in the name of better days

They're not coming back

This is the blood of pride

This is my body, sanctified

It's pitch black, after the fact

The curtain's closed, now I'm bowing to a laugh track

Make this green screen show what I mean

A brain like a coma dream on amphetamines

Make my base in this conflagration

May this self effaced be my saving grace